So what am I doing?

About a month ago I was browsing face book as I sometimes (all to often) do whilst my youngest sleeps peacefully on my lap thus making house work impossible….Any whoo I digress, as I was browsing I can across an advert from St Oswald’s hospice, advertising their next big fundraising adventure….EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK 2015! This is something that I have always, always wanted to do ever since I was little, I just had to go along to the talk to find out more. Well from the moment Amy started talking about what the trip entailed I was hooked, I drove home from the talk buzzing with excitement and trying to figure out where to get £400 for the deposit to register on the trek.

4 weeks later and with the help of some very generous friends and family members who donated and hosted a coffee afternoon for me, I handed in my deposit and all the required forms and today I received my fundraising pack and a lovely card welcoming me to the team. It’s official now I can’t back out, I’M GOING TO BASE CAMP!!!!!!

I have set up this blog to keep a record of my training and fundraising, so please join me on my journey from my couch where I spend far to much time sitting to the top of the world almost 🙂 It’s going to be a long hard slog but I will try to keep you amused along the way.

In order to get to base camp I need to a) get super fit and b) raise £5000 if you can help with either of these things it wold be greatly appreciated, you can donate easily just text CEBC80 £amount to 70070.



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