The John carrier

I really want my boys to share my journey, although they can’t actually come to base camp with me they can come on lots of training walks and I can carry them or push them to help with strength training.
Taking my boys walking is somewhat hindered by the fact that’s eldest boy John can’t actually walk because he has cerebral palsy. Up until now we have used a Phil and Teds three wheeler to get John off road but sadly he is now to big for it so we have had to look for alternatives. We found an amazing buggy but like a lot of things for special needs kids it comes with a specially high price tag. So we started a fundraising page at gofundme . In the mean time I was searching the net for cheaper more immediate solutions to our getting John off road problem, I found this via mumsnet.

The mum on the forum said she was using it with her 5 year old who has disabilities, that was enough for me I was straight onto google and found one here .
We ordered it on Friday with regular delivery (£3) and it arrived on Monday. Excitement turned to disappointment when I noticed one of the rivets on the frame was not riveted

Adam (my husband) called the shop and emailed them the photo above. Their customer service was brilliant! We tried John in the carrier that night to check it was definitely suitable,

Then the next day we called the shop and arranged for the broken one to be picked up and new one dropped off on Thursday, they even threw in an inflatable neck pillow to see if it would help support John’s head.
So after dinner yesterday we finally got to take it out for a test ride. I think you can tell from the smiles that John loves his new vantage point.

We are so happy with it we will be ordering another one for Matthew (3).






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