I said this would be tough…

So training and fundraising both ground to a halt due to the ‘September snuffles’. When the kids go back to school in September the inevitable germs get shared and caught and when one of us starts sneezing, soon the whole family is and when John gets a cold no-one is getting any sleep. John can’t blow his nose like he should be able to and so it pools open in the back of his nose/throat till either chokes on it or swallows it and then throws it back up, his CP (cerebral palsy) causes him to extend (like planking but less fun) his muscles tense, he gets stressed and chokes even more till he turns red, then purple until finally his muscle tone changes and he goes completely floppy and coughs it all up down his dads back. It’s both mentally and physically exhausting. Two weeks of less than 4 hours sleep and 2 weeks of being full of cold myself have left me feeling drained and I am only just beginning to clear the brain fog.

I make no apologies if this post about snot is a bit gross, this is my life and I feel its important to share these things because they are all part of the reason behind me doing this trek to base camp.


When you deal with life threatening situations with your child on a regular basis, when they become “normal” to you, it can take a toll on your mental and physical health. You never sleep deeply even when you’re child is well your subconscious mind is listening out for the high pitched beep that alerts you to a seizure or the subtle change in snuffles that means your child has rolled onto their back and will choke if you don’t go and roll them on their side. There is a part of your brain that is always ready, you can go from sleep to administering life saving drugs and recalling you’re child’s entire medical history to the emergency services operator in less time than it takes most people to sit up and put their slippers on in the morning.

St Oswald’s Hospice offers parents a chance to sleep, to breath and to relax without being on high alert and knowing that someone else, a highly trained professional, will be their when their child needs turning or medication at 3 am. One night of sleep in a month or more can be the difference between a health and breakdown.

I have many friends who’s only hope of sleep is the time their child spends at St Oswald’s, I know what a difference it makes to their lives and they are a part of my reason for taking on this challenge.

If you feel you can contribute to my fundraising efforts you can sponsor me here  https://www.justgiving.com/Couchtobasecamp2015/

Take care,



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