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So today for some reason, well to avoid house work really, I decided to start the insanity work out. It’s a crazy fast pace, hard core workout program to get you fit and toned in just 60 days. I think you have to have some level of fitness to start it and it’s probably best to check with your doctor if you plan on trying it, I haven’t so if I kill myself it’s entirely my fault.

So the first day you do a fitness test and record your results so you can check your progess as you go along. There are 8 exercises and a warm up and cool down, totaling about 25 mins.

I am not kidding when I say it’s tough but you can take each one at your own pace, doing 4 squat jacks in a minute is better than doing non.

Here are my results so my lovely readers can track my progess and nag me if I forget to train, ( the fit test is done ever few weeks). Please excuse me if I get some of the names wrong I was to busy trying not to collapse in a sweaty heap on the floor.

1/ Switch Kicks – 90 ,all the years of martial arts still paying off even with a 6 year break

2/ Squat Jacks – 40

3/ Knee Highs – 68

4/ Power Jumps – 24

5/ Globe Jumps – 6 or 7 I lost count, I got very confused as I wasn’t paying attention

6/ Suicide Jumps – 12ish not my favourite!!

7/ Push up Jacks – 11 crappy one, see below for reason, I will get better I am determined to be able to do full press ups again.

8/ Planky things – 28 I kinda had to cheat a bit and I put a big foam physio block under my belly to keep me off the floor, I have very weak stomach muscles after ripping them apart giving birth to my eldest and my upper body strength is pants, but I was still putting loads of weight on my arms and it was still really hard.

There you go, beats cleaning the kitchen by a long way. Let me know if you are doing the insanity workout and how you are doing.

see you later




I’ve been training for a few months now and for every walk (and every where in general) I have been wearing these…


my trusty left and right socks from Asda, they must be about 5 years old (I have about 6 pairs) they are slightly padded and shaped, designed for exercise, at £5 for a 3 pack they were also a real bargain and very comfy.
Alas, they are wearing thin and I have been getting blisters and sore feet so I figured it was time to get some proper trekking socks.
So on Friday night I spent about half an hour staring at the rack of walking socks in Blacks at my local shopping centre. I checked the seams for bumpy bits that would rub, compared softness and colour (why are walking socks such hideous colours) I checked the fabric and stood staring at the bewildering array of socks for far too long. After remembering the trek organiser’s recommendation, I ended up with these..



They are Bridgedale ‘Summit’, designed for winter trekking. They have a soft slack cuff, full terry (loopy knitted sofness) leg, double density pads underfoot, are described as slim fit and are not pink!. At £16 a pair they are the most expensive pair of socks I have ever bought so I had high expectations. They did not let me down. The double cushioning is super comfy and the terry leg is soft and not at all itchy. After a nine mile walk on various terrain my feet were warm, dry and free from sores of blisters. I think the socks suffered more than my feet…


Since I was wearing 3/4 length shorts the socks did get caught and snagged a lot when we crossed a patch of felled tree remnants and calf deep mud, I’m not sure if the 3 year guarantee covers this sort of abuse.

I have only worn them once so I can’t really comment on wear and tear but I would recommend them if you like your feet to be warm, comfy and blister free. Wearing decent socks makes a massive difference to the enjoyment of your walk and recovery afterwards which is important if you are going to be trekking a few days in a row. Good socks are worth the extra money.

 I thought I had fairly wide feet I buy men’s trainers because they have more room but these ‘slim fit’ socks where not tight, even a little loose but my feet did not move around in my boots like i thought they would. Speaking of boots, It’s a good idea to get your socks first and then wear them to try on new boots, I had to re-lace my boots to get my big thick comfy socked feet in. I will definitely be buying some more of these.

I promise I will post some of my walks very soon. I have lots of lovely pictures to share.