Hello again. You may have heard the news back in April about the massive earthquake that hit Nepal causing some major damage and loss of life across the whole country. As a group me and the other trekkers were pretty devastated for the people of Nepal and the families of those who lost their lives and livelihood ( a high percentage of Nepal’s GDP is from tourism).

After the earthquakes the foreign office (F.O) issued warnings against all but essential travel to the whole of Nepal, this was understandable and concerning and it put all our fundraising efforts on hold as we did not know if we would be able to travel in November. In July we were still waiting for the all clear from the F.O and as a group we came to the decision to postpone our trek until May 2016 to allow time for the trails to reopen and fundraising to be done. So here we are in October and the F.O have finally given the all clear on travel to almost all of Nepal, which means it’s time to get serious both with fundraising and training.

About 8 weeks ago I joined a local running club and after 6 weeks (4 if you don’t count the 2 weeks I was poorly) I ran my first ever 5k, I ran the whole way!! Running has been great for improving my cardio fitness and I have noticed a big difference on the hills.

If you would like to support a good cause, all the money we raise is going to St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle. You can Donate on my Just giving page.

Here’s a few photos of the walks I’ve been doing over the last 12 months.

Starred Photos



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