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29 days of challenges

Ok so I have tried, music nights, bag packs, raffles, carboot sales, craft fairs and just plain asking people but I have reached only 41% of my £5000 target for St Oswald’s Hospice and time is running out.

So I am trying something a little bit crazy and way out of my comfort zone. Every day for the whole of February I will take on one or more challenges set by you.

Basically if you set me a challenge, say for example run 5 miles for £N donation (N = the amount you would like to donate), if I accept your challenge you donate to my justgiving page and I will complete the challenge and post photographic or video evidence on my social media pages.

So here are the ground rules,

You send me a challenge idea and the amount you will donate, if I accept the challenge I will tell you which day I will complete it (most likely that day unless it needs time to plan) you donate agreed amount either via by texting “BASE80 £5” (or other agreed amount) to 70070 or via my justgiving page. I will then complete/attempt the challenge and post photographic or video evidence of the challenge on all my social media pages.

Things I won’t/can’t do :-

  1. I will not do anything illegal or morally questionable
  2. Anything that will endanger my health/life and or that of anyone else’s
  3. Naked (don’t even ask…might consider skinny dipping in the dark for the right size donation)
  4. Permanent body modification or shaving my head (my sister is getting married soon I am a bridesmaid, she would kill me)
  5. Anything that costs more than your donation
  6. Anything I deem to weird see number 1
So you can message me here on this blog or here on my facebook page, or  send me a tweet
29 days to raise £5000 or more for a fantastic charity, please help and spread the word.
See you later, Claire

Timmy’s coming to base camp

Part of my reason for taking part in this trek is so I can tell my son all about it. He is 6 and has severe cerebral palsy so a trip like this is not something he is likely to ever be able to do for himself (never say never).  My plan is to take lots of photos, keep a diary and share my experiences with him when I get home.

My son has a short attention span and only certain things really hold his attention, Timmy Time is one of those things he has loved since he was tiny and still loves today (I think we have seen every episode around 100 times). So I decided that Timmy would join me on my trek and therefore my training hoping that my son would take more interest in the photographs, so far so good he has been enjoying seeing Timmy out and about.

These photos are from two separate training walks up Cheviot in Northumberland. Keep checking back for more on how our training is going. You can sponsor me and Timmy here if you are able to 🙂

Starred Photos2