Day 4 of #challengeclaire

So far not so bad, day one I washed my friends car and van for £20 in gale force winds just to add to the fun.


Day 2 I did this… for a whole £3!challenge 2

Day 3 I did nothing as I was poorly 😦 and very busy.

Today, Day 4. I have been challenged to do my usual 5k run with my club but in fancy dress so I shall be running tonight dressed as iron man! (the only costume we have available without spending loads of money). Stay tuned for the video and photos.

Other challenges I that have been put forward are,

  1. Lip Syncing to Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold, that one will need some practice and setting up so stay tuned. (I am totally uncoordinated so it should be fun)
  2. Giving out free hugs in Newcastle city centre
  3. Giving out free cake to people sitting in traffic..(again would require a little planning)

If you would like to see me doing any of the challenges above or have an idea of your own please message me either here or on my twitter @couchtobasecamp, see my previous post for do’s and don’ts.

Or you can just plain old sponsor me at justgiving or text BASE80 £5 to 70070



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